Meet Jason

Meet Jason

Hey there! I'm Jason Hawks. I started working with computers in my teens and being in my 40s now, I have seen a lot of changes! There are always new things to use and learn but I never let it stop me!

Throughout the years I have done lots of jobs, from customer support to technical troubleshooting. I have been a system and operations engineer for internet security companies.

I have Autism, previously identified as Asperger's syndrome. It adds a unique twist to how I learn and interact with others. It makes me a bit different but it also empowers me to see solutions where others might see obstacles. Each day offers a new chance to grow and find new ways to approach everything and everyone.

I am the kind of techie who doesn't get caught up in knowledge contests. I'd much rather have a one to one chat meeting you at your level and exchange ideas in a friendly, understanding manner. Everyone has something to teach me, adding layers to my understanding people and tech.

Faith also plays a part in who I am. I try to stay grounded with patience and kindness in everything I do.